Soul Compass Foundation™ Course


This two-day immersion will take you through a series of interconnected, channeled meditations that empower you to find the wisdom that paves your way. Learn more here.

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Part 1: Foundation

Perhaps even before recorded history, humans have sought to understand and enhance perception. By doing so, we are more able to understand and improve our daily lives. The questions surrounding how we perceive, or how we go about making sense of our awareness, stimulate many avenues of inquiry. Your journey begins by allowing your senses to come into full play.  A learning adventure awaits you as you progress into the world of the psychic soul.

Carl Jung, a Psychotherapist said that an archetype is a primal pattern of thought—inborn, instinctive, and imprinted on every human’s subconscious mind. He studied dreams, myths, and legends, and concluded that we’re all born with an innate ability to understand archetypes. In fact, he said, we’re all pre-programmed to look for archetypes in our everyday lives, because they serve as a framework for our understanding of the world.  The hero, the maiden, the wise old man, the trickster, or rebel; and the shadow, the hidden, antisocial dark side of human nature. So as well as bringing people deep into a guided meditation, Debbie brings these archetypes alive in a fantastic world so you can discover the answers you have been seeking…

  • Eliminate all fears that are pulling you away from reaching your goals by the Cliff of Faith.
  • Learn how to channel the energies of the Universe and manifest your desires with the Magic Tree of Destiny.
  • Witness the murkiness and mystery connected with The Temple of Secrets as you allow your intuitive powers to increase and to reach a new level of enlightenment.
  • Draw on your senses and creative expression to create beauty in the Garden of Abundance.  
  • Claim your power back and act with awareness and focus in the Tower of Perspective
  • Receive spiritual awareness, wisdom, and knowledge from your spiritual mentor by the Sacred Willow tree.
  • Discover the joy and fulfillment of unconditional love by the Oasis of Love.
  • Learn how to overcome challenges and achieve victory using strength and a strong will as you strive towards your goals as you ride The Chariot.
  • Learn about the ‘Four Pillars of accountability’ with Lady Justice to understand how the result of your actions of the past have connections to your present situation so you may balance your future.
  • Take some time to reflect by the Sacred Pool without the distractions of the material world and find the answers that lie within you.

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