Pendulum Certification Course

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Learn how to use the pendulum to divine truths for yourself and others.

Learn the Pendulum in Bangkok, Thailand

This course is a wonderful way for Reiki 2 students to learn how to ask clear and concise questions, know what areas their guides want them to focus on while diagnosing and treating the client. Pendulum Diagnosis is used to establish blockages in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies with concrete time frames, places, reasons, people, energies etc. Students obtain a stronger connection with their healing assistants as that life force energy moves the pendulum, giving confirmation to answers they may otherwise not have.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to cleanse and energize and activate your pendulum.
  • How the pendulum works and how to program your pendulum with your intention 
  • Learn how to give a Pendulum Diagnosis of the Physical, Mental,  Spiritual, and Emotional bodies.
  • Learn how to use a pendulum to find the cause of congested energy
  • Learn how to establish where blockage came from and how long blockages have affected the person.
  • How to better understand any form of intuition/vision you might have during treatment by using a pendulum 
  • How to find out whether a chakra is blocked, overactive or under-active
  • How to ensure whether or not additional work is needed on one or more chakras.
  • Complete health charts and determine how your partner’s organs and glands are functioning. 
  • Complete a health chart on a person working with a picture.
  • Give and receive a Reiki treatment.

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