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Debbie Creagh, International Psychic Medium

Debbie Creagh is an international psychic medium, Reiki master therapist, hypnotherapist, NLP coach, and teacher. Everything that has been divinely gifted through Debbie is to assist others on their journey towards wellbeing and success. She offers her gifts both online and in-person.

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  • Due to high demand, Debbie is not available for same-day bookings. She is currently booking out 1-2 weeks in advance.
  • All prices and descriptions of services and courses are detailed on this website for your convenience. 
  • Because Spirit has no boundaries, you do not need to be physically present for a powerful reading or healing session. For this reason, Debbie works internationally in 70+ countries. 

Heal the past and find your place in the world.

Internationally-acclaimed psychic medium and healer Debbie Creagh is here to help.

Debbie’s life mission is to empower people to master their destiny, and to create a life that is rooted in abundant, unlimited power. Everything that has been divinely gifted through Debbie is to assist others on their journey towards well-being and success.

Debbie presently teaches Reiki healing workshops in Bangkok and other courses abroad via Zoom. Debbie initially became a Reiki practitioner to develop self-awareness, manifest a better life, and to help others.

Debbie Creagh works with Spirit, angelic beings, and ascended masters to help her clients achieve their highest purpose. By channeling truths as a psychic medium, offering NLP, hypnotherapy, and Reiki treatments, and guiding students on their own journeys, she is helping to birth a mass awakening. 

Debbie is #1 in Bangkok, Thailand

Debbie Creagh is the 2021, 2022 & 2023 recipient of TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award for her services as a psychic medium, hypnotherapist, Reiki master therapist, and teacher.

According to the trustworthy travel advisor, she is #1 in Bangkok, Thailand, and Top 10 in the world. 

Debbie Creagh’s Mission is to Help Heal the World




What clients are saying about Debbie…

“I went in heavy and left light as a feather! I had an intense and amazing energy cleansing and healing, and spiritual coaching session. A gifted psychic medium with a true and real connection to Spirit and Angels. Years of dark energy was removed and I am now on a journey of shining brighter and stronger than ever! The most undeniably real experience of my life. Everyone should gift themself this.”

Hu-Inga McCaslin


“My second reading with Debbie was just like the first, healing, guiding, and cleansing. Debbie is an amazing healer and has the ability to change lives if you decide to do the work and take her advice as well as those of your guides to heart. She is confident at what she does, trusting her instincts and translating the messages clearly in an understandable way. You walk away feeling rejuvenated and with a clear perspective. Highly recommend.”

Tania Tsang


I had my first tarot reading session with Debbie today and it was amazing 💕⭐️ Her psychic reading is so extraordinary and powerful, I don’t know how to explain it ! I was looking for guidance and I can say that I have received all the answers that I needed ( more than I expected ✨🥰) she is truly gifted with lovely energy ♥️☁️”

Glitter Record


My experience with Debbie. It was a wonderful session and she is superb at reading tarot cards. She is an excellent tarot card reader, the best one I have ever experienced. I was energized by her words her inspiration. I didn’t have the tarot reading for more than 10 years because I was scared of the previous experiences of mine. Not from Debbie but from other people that might have read wrongly and fed my belief in limited ways. This time was different, I feel more positive and clear about throwing away my old beliefs and knew that the old experience and beliefs cannot affect my future. She empowered me to believe that great things ll come to me… I have never got those kind of cards before. Thank you to cheer me up also. I ll work on the affirmation tonight and tomorrow morning … will do everyday. Debbie is genuine , happy and welcoming healer. She ll help people to get out from darkness and start anew. I felt that meeting her and having psychic medium session with her especially tarot card reading was the best choice I made during the time of need. Thank you Debbie to help me out ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻”

Urapa Watanachote


“Debbie has played a very special role in my life because she was there for my wedding (my union with my divine compatible soulmate) and now when I am 7 months pregnant expecting my angel-like baby. Her readings (all kinds) are so bang on its uncanny. I feel so so lucky to have found a medium (psychic) like her who is so funny, cool, and supremely gifted. I have recommended Debbie to so many people now that I have lost count and every single one of them loved their sessions and found so much value and in wisdom in their sessions. Anyone reading this right now, please know that you are lucky to have come across Debbie. Please do get on a session with her. You will be forever grateful to the Universe. Love, Aakansha Shewakramani.”
Aakansha Shewakramani


“Debbie is amazing teacher with a big open heart so loving and kind. i went to do Reiki level 2 with her and i have learned so much because the way she teaches you is so you can really experience the things for yourself. this is specially important with working with energy. I am so going back and looking forward to next class with her🥰🥰 no doubt id choose her again!”

Joakim Poijo


“I have had the pleasure of experiencing Reiki, Hynotherapy and Mediumship Readings with Debbie. With each session, I left behind an emotional load that had been plaguing my spiritual journey and/or health. Debbie delivers her service with upmost care and sincerity. I leave the sessions fulfilled and vibrating at higher frequencies. Debbie is officially part of my soul tribe. Love you dearly 😘”



Overcome trauma and find your purpose.

The Universe wants you to overcome trauma, listen to your inner truth, and share your light with the world. If you feel stuck, unhappy, and/or confused on your journey, it’s time to work with Debbie Creagh.

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Commit to Your Healing

You aren't meant to feel sad, exhausted, depressed, disconnected, and anxious. The Universe is asking for you to *listen* to the messages around you to find alignment, healing, and wellness. Work with Debbie Creagh today to shift into more flow and begin living your best life.

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