Apocalypse Now: The Awakening

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Recently, many of us have begun to question our lives, purpose, existing beliefs, and values. We are experiencing a time of heightened awareness with a deep desire for personal growth and understanding. We are no longer sitting on the fence! We want to be heard; we want to be respected, we want to be seen. Such feelings can lead to confusion, vulnerability, uncertainty, and disorientation. As a result, many of us are asking, “What is going on?” and “Why am I feeling this way?” My response is that we are in the midst of an important transition, a time of profound deep change with a huge wave of cosmic activation. Imagine a high vibrational, energetic dial in the universe and it’s being turned up, calling you to rise and embrace a higher level of consciousness. As one phase ends, a new dynamic one begins.  As the dial is being cranked up, we are leveling up to a new higher frequency, peeling away old versions of ourselves, and moving into the newest and best version of ourselves.  This is the dawn of a new era of the Earth, a time of spiritual awakening. During this profound energetic shift, we will indeed experience an expansion of consciousness that will free our minds and hearts from past limitations.  So, what is creating this energetic shift? 

The New Crystalline Grid

There are “energetic grids” that operate through and around the planet. They have been equated to the meridian lines in our bodies where light energy needs to flow freely through them to maintain balance and harmony.  One is the Crystalline grid, which is linked to the crystals in the Earth, the major portals, the solar system, and galaxies beyond our world. This Crystalline grid creates an electromagnetic energy field around the Earth and is now radiating a high vibrational energy out into the Earth’s physical and energetic body.  This supports the awakening of human consciousness as well as the planet’s evolution.  The Ancient Earth Matrix is being stripped away and we are moving into the next stage of ascension, a journey towards a higher state of consciousness. 

Many ancient civilizations believed in the existence of beings from the stars and built temples, pyramids, and stone circles on the Earth’s “power points” to align with the stars and beyond. Sacred sites like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids in Egypt are considered integral to Earth’s energetic system, aligning with the Crystalline grid.  Remarkably, the Pyramids, constructed from granite containing quartz resonate with crystal light.  These sacred sites serve as conduits for higher-dimensional light and ascension codes, facilitating their integration into our reality and heralding the advent of the New Golden Age.

We all remember December 21, 2012, when many believed that there might be some cataclysmic event or apocalypse, potentially signifying the end of the World. In reality, the Mayan calendar simply marked the end of one cycle and the beginning of another: the end of the world as we know it. The prediction that the Mayans made was the evolution on Earth, where a higher vibrational energy would allow a new Earth or Terranova to emerge.  Only a small number of individuals are aware that the original Greek translation of “apocalypse” signifies the “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”. By illuminating the essence of everything, we free ourselves from the confines of limited consciousness, allowing for evolution to flourish. In 2012, many of us experienced various ascension symptoms, marking a period of significant change for everyone.  Now we find ourselves entering the final phase of the ascension journey. 

How is this affecting us? 

As planet Earth ascends, humanity is also evolving to a more enlightened and harmonious state.  We are setting out on a voyage of self-discovery, shedding past fears and conditioning. We are being called to view life not through a scarcity and struggle lens but through one of boundless, limitless possibilities. Our old low vibrational emotions created a kind of static that interfered with our desired frequency but we are now being liberated.  We are currently in the process of transitioning from a more limited state of awareness, often referred to as 3-D, to a higher, expanded state of consciousness often described as 5-D.  This is why we have been feeling ‘out of sorts’ and disorientated.  

This massive shift in consciousness means some of us are”‘waking up” to a profound sense of interconnectedness and a new expansive awareness. This is why we are challenging our current reality as we clear away outdated patterns and beliefs in pursuit of clarity and a fresh path ahead. As we undergo this transformation towards a higher frequency, deeply entrenched traumas held within our physical bodies, our nervous system, our cells, and our DNA are gradually being released. Consequently, many of us have been experiencing various physical symptoms such as pain and tightness in our lower bodies (eg., sciatica, restlessness, blurry vision, night sweats, exhaustion, dehydration, headaches, insomnia, allergies, tinnitus, and mental fog). It’s important not to be overly concerned as these are natural manifestations of this transformative process.  

Our chakras are also undergoing alignment, balance, and recalibration, causing us to experience the surfacing of past emotions for us to process and actively clear on a very deep level. Symptoms may include. depression, mood swings, triggers, fears, being over-sensitive, etc.  Although this experience can feel quite intense at times, it is essential to remember to breathe and have faith in the unfolding process as we awaken into our most authentic selves. It is crucial to maintain mindfulness of your thoughts and emotions throughout this time of transition and avoid indulging in detrimental negative self-dialogue or egocentric reactions that may hinder your progress. Keep your vibration high and eat high-vibrational foods that have a positive impact on your energy and well-being (fresh, and minimally processed, eg. fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds) and avoid toxins ( alcohol and drugs). Meditation practices can help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety you have been feeling and allow your mind to access higher levels of consciousness.  We will eventually become masters of our internal landscape, breaking free from the constraints of negative vibrations and ascending to new heights, where happiness and love flourish abundantly.  For some of us, it has become increasingly apparent how susceptible we are to becoming overstimulated: navigating crowded places has become overwhelming and there is a growing sensitivity to specific foods, certain types of movies or TV shows no longer align with our energy. Remember this phase will eventually evolve and transition. Rest assured you are not losing your mind, you are simply “tuning up”! Just as our mobile phones require upgrades to address glitches, we, too, need to reset our system. Ensuring you get ample rest is an essential part of this process.  Some of us may experience vivid, intense dreams. That is due to the subconscious mind going through a deep purging of its own. Although this is uncomfortable, It is indeed a fortuitous time, a lifting of the veil, allowing us to heal wounds from incarnations and generational traumas.

The 3D Sleepers

Some are still in the 3D lower realms of consciousness and are resistant to the change because it’s pushing them outside their comfort zones.  They are not ready to ascend. As a result, they will be experiencing strong symptoms in their physical bodies. They will feel irritable, and frustrated, and engage in blame-shifting and fear-based thinking.  For those of us who are evolving, we must practice mindfulness and avoid absorbing the negative energies emanating from those who are resistant to awakening and growth. Mind your business and stay in your lane! Your high vibration scares the “sleepers”!  We are part of a unified consciousness and as we evolve and raise our energy, it naturally emanates outward ultimately aiding others to catch up and grow.   It will take time for your body to adjust and assimilate the new vibration, but the symptoms will become less and less as we evolve.  

How has this impacted our world?

As the energy continues to intensify, the Earth’s physical and energetic body is also going through its process of purification, similar to humanity.  Remember, Mother Earth is a living entity with its own consciousness and spirit and a connectedness to all living beings.  Indeed, the Earth’s “heartbeat” (also referred to as the Schuman resonance) is measurable and has increased substantially. This is why our concept of time has been getting faster.  The energy release of the Earth manifests through the Earth’s physical structure. We have all witnessed many changes in weather patt

erns and climate, heat waves, and atmospheric changes.  There have been growing concerns about global warming, deforestation, and the polar ice melting.  There have been changes within the oceans and dolphins and whales have been beaching themselves.  There are more frequent earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, and solar storms being recorded than ever before. There has been a noticeable increase in UFO sightings being documented on social media and the news reports along with a growing willingness to engage in open dialogue about the purpose of ‘their” presence. 

The Earth (and all who inhabit it) is being propelled forward into the next phase of evolution.  You have nothing to fear as the universe is supporting you during this time of transition. Remember, we are all in this together. Every challenge you’ve encountered, every obstacle you’ve conquered in your life, has uniquely prepared you for this pivotal moment. Regardless of the hurdles you’ve faced, you possess the inner strength to persevere and become an integral part of this exhilarating new era of divine consciousness on Earth.

Diamond Meditation

Diamonds are storehouses of intense energy and symbolism. Their formation deep within the Earth under extreme pressure and heat infuses them with extraordinary energy. This energy is believed to resonate with the Crown Chakra, the highest energy center in the human body, which connects us to universal consciousness and divine wisdom. Diamonds are believed to enlighten the intellect, foster mental clarity, enhance purity, nurture spiritual evolution, and amplify both emotions and energies.  When incorporating diamonds into your meditation practice, it is essential to establish precise and focused intentions (eg., personal growth, spiritual awakening, releasing uncomfortable energies, or any other area of your life you wish to focus on). Also, during this period of ascension with crystals, it’s an ideal moment to explore this mediation to help tap into cosmic vibration. 

Crystalline Meditation

Choose a quiet, comfortable, peaceful space for your meditation.  Imagine an exquisite, crystalline diamond gracefully poised before you. Take a moment to connect with this radiant, multi-faceted gem, appreciating its captivating colorless splendor.  When light interacts with the diamond’s structure, it gives rise to a mesmerizing spectrum of vibrant colors that gracefully move across the gem’s surface, forming an ever-shifting kaleidoscopic display.  Experience the profound energy and resonance radiating from this diamond. Now, start your journey towards the diamond, visualizing yourself gracefully passing through the ethereal veil of this magnificent gem.  Feel yourself now inside this energetic space, protected from any negative energy or external harm. Visualize the diamond’s brilliance expanding and enveloping you in a protective cocoon of light. Feel its energy opening and activating your Crown Chakra, allowing divine wisdom to flow into your consciousness.  Sense your frequency elevating and effortlessly release any burdens or weight you may have carried.   Enveloped within this sacred space, you will find an enduring sense of harmony and equilibrium, all while gently redirecting any unwanted energies away from your being.  Take all the time you require within your diamond to accomplish your task. Use affirmations or mantras to deepen your meditation experience. For example, you can repeat phrases like, “I am a vessel of divine wisdom” or “I am connected to the universal consciousness.”   As you gradually open your eyes, simultaneously maintain your presence within the diamond, ensuring that you remain energetically secure and shielded throughout the process.

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