Developing Psychic Awareness (DPA) Course

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Receive guidance while developing your psychic and intuitive abilities…

We all have the gift of psychic abilities but only a few of us really learn to awaken that gift and how to use it to better our lives. Some of us are more intuitively connected to those skills, and we tend to notice things that others don’t. How great would it be to be able to tap into that anytime you need to, to help you create the life that you deserve?

This wonderfully enlightening 7-days, 30 meditation course, will greatly increase your psychic awareness and will teach you how to use ALL your senses to manifest goals for your life, develop a strong set of psychic skills which can be used on an everyday basis and help you maintain balance, harmony, and direction in your life.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learning to reach different levels of consciousness
  • Learning how to reach the Theta range of consciousness
  • How to establish personal goals
  • Identifying the differences between animate/inanimate objects
  • Identifying intelligent animate objects
  • How to project intelligence and retrieve information
  • How to use psychic skills effectively
  • Understanding Universal laws with energy development and skills
  • How to use clairvoyance and telepathic abilities to enhance your life.
  • How to communicate with other energies

What Clients are Saying:


“This 7-day journey isn’t only about developing your psychic awareness, but it is a course that is about awareness in everything.  I’ve come to realize how unaware I have been with my life and the world around me. There are many sides of me that have surfaced and I had a hard time accepting them. Now that I have become aware of them; I have a better idea on how to approach them with integrity.”

“I highly recommend the DPA course. The greatest gift that I had witnessed, experienced and received was compassion and patience.  The greatest advice that I have received was to trust in the Universe. The greatest lesson #1 that I have learned was effortlessness is the key to wisdom and success. I have made things so difficult for myself (battling with my Ego), when all I needed to do was to be honest, relax and not over analyze things. No need to judge. The greatest lesson #2 that I have learned was the responsibility of a Light Worker.”

“At the end of this course, I have to admit that it took days for me to process many things. It made me realize that what I knew was only a tiny grain of sand in this mysterious universe. We are humans, and it is very normal for us to have fear and make mistakes. The most important thing is to remember to get back up and to continue walking forward with an honest heart. To me, the DPA course did not mark an ending or an achievement. It marked the starting of a new journey because this time I am aware. My journey has only just begun…”

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