Soul Compass Discovery™ Course


This two-day immersion will take you through a series of interconnected, channeled meditations that empower you to find the wisdom that paves your way. Learn more here.

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Part 2: Discovery

Is it time to discover what is waiting for you behind the veil?

Are you ready to connect and unleash your soul and set sail on a new journey?

Time to reconnect and go even deeper to uncover the true essence of your soul journey, with the help of specifically designed meditations and more engagements that will help you open portals of deeper learning and understanding to set you flowing toward your destiny.

  • As The Great Wheel turns, learn to embrace the cycles of life and work with the energy of the Universe, not against it, it’s time to step out of the way.
  • Investigate exotic beautiful landscapes to gain insight and guidance, finding your inner strength to obtain your heart’s desires.
  • Surrender to the mystical Tree of Life and free yourself of any blocks that hinder your progress in life.
  • Accept and recognize the necessity of endings and new beginnings, as you go through the Magic Mirror and allow for inner change, rebirth, and renewal.
  • Gain inner and outer harmony as you sail the high seas with The Alchemist.
  • See-through illusions and set yourself free from the constraints of your mind in the Purgatory Tavern.

Learn more here.


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