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About me

Debbie became fascinated with the human mind when she studied Philosophy and Psychology during her degree in Anthropology. During her time as an English trainer/Anthropologist, she worked with refugees that suffered from the post-war syndrome. Being passionate and committed to self-growth and self-development, she began studying the healing arts 31 years ago in Ireland. She then continued her search for knowledge and growth in Thailand.

Debbie first began her healing career in 1987 when she attended the Tony Quinn Centre in Dublin, Ireland. Tony Quinn was was well known in Ireland as a hypnotherapist, yogi, fitness expert, and mind coach. Debbie attended many of his seminars, including Mind Power, and was hand picked out of thousands to be trained as a healer.

Debbie was born with a special gift, a gift she had from an early age.  She was born a psychic and a medium.  As she continued on her healing path she tuned into her powerful abilities and enhanced them and now teaches others to do the same. Debbie is now a well known professional tarot card reader and one of the worlds rare “spiritual mediums”.

Debbie offers readings (Skype/in person) to the elite, not only in Thailand and Asia but also worldwide. The lives of politicians, TV celebrities, businessmen … people from all walks of life, have been transformed by the insights gained from Debbie’s psychic/tarot card readings.

Debbie became a certified Reiki Master Teacher in January 2008 and is also a full-time Spiritual advisor.

Debbie’s life mission is to empower people to mastering their destiny!  To create a life that is rooted in abundant, unlimited power. Everything that has been divinely gifted through Debbie is to assist others on their journey towards well being and success.

Debbie presently teaches Reiki healing workshops in Bangkok and other courses abroad via Skype. Debbie initially became a Reiki practitioner to develop self-awareness, manifest a better life and to help others

Surrender to the magic in your life.

Debbie Creagh works with Spirit, angelic beings, and ascended masters to help her clients achieve their highest purpose. By channeling truths as a psychic medium, offering NLP, hypnotherapy, and Reiki treatments, and guiding students on their own journeys, she is helping to birth a mass awakening. 

Debbie Creagh's Experience with Hypnotherapy


I have been involved in healing for over 20 years. Understanding the healing power of the mind and purposely activating it’s healing potential has been a dream and passion of mine. I’ve written courses in guided meditation and I am constantly amazed at the kinds of awareness and transformation that can occur when people are immersed in deep states of relaxation. Before I learned Interactive Hypnotherapy, I was searching for the “Holy Grail,” the ultimate tool that I could add to my practice to bring real, permanent, and lasting change to the client.

In 2017, I studied Interactive Hypnotherapy up to an Advanced level under the ‘Interactive Hypnotherapy Academy’/ IHA recognized by ‘The American board of hypnotherapy.  I specialized in Inner Child work, Stop smoking, Weight loss, and Past life Regression. I  then went on to study Creative Hypnotherapy in early 2018 and trained as a teacher of Self-hypnosis and meditation in 2019 (IHA). 

While studying Interactive Hypnotherapy, I learned everything I needed to know about hypnosis and trance. That includes not only how to hypnotise, but how to de-hypnotise your client! I also became familiar with the phenomena of “trance.”. Trance is a very natural state that we all experience daily…when we wake up in the morning, when we drive our car to work, when we listen to music, when we watch television. In contrast, Interactive hypnotherapy is trance with a purpose! I help my clients go into a very deep state of trance so that they may get to the root cause(s) of their dilemma as opposed to dealing with the symptom(s).  


What’s totally intriguing about this gentle, non-intrusive healing tool is not only how unique it is in empowering the client, but what an incredible journey it is to go behind the veil of the subconscious mind. You never know what you are going to find.

How has this changed my practice? I have witnessed clients who showed up with broken hearts gain a deeper understanding of relationships as a whole and go back out into the world, embracing life to the fullest.

I’ve witnessed insecure and unmotivated clients who were not moving forward in their lives earn jobs and travel for the first time, bucket lists and manifesting their goals. Through inner child work, I’ve watched clients who held grudges for years not only release the anger and pain but actually forgive family members and mend broken bonds. 

The miraculous results are just awe inspiring …but the outcome is up to the client. The stronger the intent, the greater the outcome! How empowering is that?


Commit to Your Healing

You aren't meant to feel sad, exhausted, depressed, disconnected, and anxious. The Universe is asking for you to *listen* to the messages around you to find alignment, healing, and wellness. Work with Debbie Creagh today to shift into more flow and begin living your best life.

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