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Development of Psychic Awareness

We all have the gift of psychic abilities but only a few of us really learn to awaken that gift and how to use it to better our lives.

Some of us are more intuitively connected to those skills, and we tend to notice things that others don’t. How great would it be to be able to tap into that anytime you need to, to help you create the life that you deserve?

This wonderfully enlightening 7-days, 30 meditation course, will greatly increase your psychic awareness and will teach you how to use ALL your senses to manifest goals for your life, develop a strong set of psychic skills which can be used on an everyday basis and help you maintain balance, harmony, and direction in your life.

Reiki Training Certification


Learn how to share Reiki with yourself, others, animals, and clear spaces.

Debbie Creagh has over 13 years experience facilitating others using her ability as one of the worlds rare “spiritual mediums” she had a unique ability to home into whats stopping her clients from progressing on their learning journey. Debbie is the only professional tarot card reader and  “spiritual mediums” in Bangkok teaching Reiki. Take full advantage of this and do your Reiki training with a professional who loves passing her skill as a Reiki master to her students.

Soul Compass Meditation Series

Have you ever felt like there is more for you out there? But your not quite sure where to start and how to get there?

Welcome to The Soul Compass series, the 2 most transformative days of your life, where you will learn to equip yourself with all the necessary insights and psychic tools to find key answers that you have been seeking for the majority of your life.  This two-day immersion will take you through a series of interconnected, channeled meditations that empower you to find the wisdom that paves your way.

Each divinely channeled meditation in this series represents another brick along the path of your inner development as you search for greater meaning and understanding on your soul journey.

Wishes Have Wings 

Are you ready to break through the limitations that are holding you back from manifesting new things into your life?

This one day workshop helps you break through the barriers that are keeping you from fulfilling your dreams and feeling truly happy and helps. 

Learn to tap into your true potential and harness the power of the Universe to create relationships you have always desired, an abundant flow of money, the career you have longed for. Attract everything you desire into your life and make your dreams a reality. 

Psychometry Course

Is it time to awaken your full range of psychic abilities? 

Psychometry is an extrasensory perception in which a person can sense or “read” the history of an object by touching it. The psychic practitioner receives knowledge via the vibrations imprinted on the object. Those impressions can be perceived via our senses such as images, sounds, smells, tastes and even emotions. All these impressions are part of the clairvoyance and are a fabulous way to awaken ALL of your intuitive gifts

Pendulum Course Certification


Learn how to receive guidance and advice from Spirit by using the pendulum.

This course is a wonderful way for Reiki 2 students to learn how to ask clear and concise questions, know what areas their guides want them to focus on while diagnosing and treating the client. Pendulum Diagnosis is used to establish blockages in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies with concrete time frames, places, reasons, people, energies etc. Students obtain a stronger connection with their healing assistants as that life force energy moves the pendulum, giving confirmation to answers they may otherwise not have.

Intuitive Awareness With Tarot Cards

Develop your psychic abilities and telepathic skills by learning from Debbie Creagh. 

Are you interested in developing your psychic ability and telepathic skills? Would you like your own direct link to Source? Are you looking to give positive guidance to friends and family through reading tarot cards and using your psychic gift ?

The ‘Intuitive Awareness with Tarot Cards’ Course  is a fun way to develop an understanding of your spiritual path. Enhance and strengthen your psychic abilities, explore and understand the path you are on and learn ways to feel empowered to make conscious creative choices of action.

Commit to Your Healing

You aren't meant to feel sad, exhausted, depressed, disconnected, and anxious. The Universe is asking for you to *listen* to the messages around you to find alignment, healing, and wellness. Work with Debbie Creagh today to shift into more flow and begin living your best life.

Ready to step into alignment?