Why We Must Remain Centered Amidst the Eye of the Storm

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Trials and tribulations are all part of life. They allow us to grow, as well as develop our character and understanding of our path. The current situation worldwide of imposed social isolation and seclusion has created quite the stumbling block to how to move forward. This past year-and-a-half has felt like a rollercoaster ride full of twists and turns, highs and lows.  We have been pushed outside our comfort zones and now, an emotional storm is brewing inside us. This period of confinement is a concentrator; everything seems amplified and we must find ways to cope and manage our emotions, focusing on what is within our control rather than what is not. In this time, we crave equilibrium and certainty to be restored so we may feel safe and secure once again. How can we flourish within the confines of our new reality? 

Although it’s a period of upheaval and confusion, it is also an opportunity for incredible growth. Collectively, we have developed a greater desire for clarity about our future and seek more concrete answers about the meaning of life and our soul purpose. We are like the archetypal Hermit in the tarot, who withdraws from the outer world and its distractions. He retreats inward for a time of soul searching and self-reflection and gains a deeper understanding of himself and his purpose. Just like the Hermit, it’s a time of conscious retreat, stepping back from our daily grind to take the focus off the troubles in our external world and allow ourselves to replenish our energy by much-needed rest and time out.  We must dig deep for inspiration now and become more resilient and adaptable to the challenges we face. 

Through this time of solitude, we can truly know ourselves by being honest about our fears and insecurities so we may confront and heal them.  We can embrace this time to re-evaluate our lives and choose to walk a different path, one that leads to a much more profound and fulfilling life. By shifting our focus onto our daily blessings, we can neutralize the all-encompassing fear we may feel and radiate a higher vibration out into the world. 

Self-care at this time is crucial for our emotional and mental wellbeing, especially for those of us who are usually the “givers”.  No matter how strong, courageous, or level-headed we are, we can all feel vulnerable and fearful, and need support. 

Being present and grounded each day is vital to stabilize our energy levels to start afresh, regardless of what we are facing. Regular meditation can provide some stillness that we need to ensure a greater sense of calm and peace. By practicing breathing techniques, oxygen floods into our bodies to relieve stress and anxiety, restoring a sense of serenity. Center yourself amidst the eye of the storm.

Keep the faith and don’t be discouraged by the circumstances that are surrounding you. We must surrender and accept the storm as we wait for it to pass. Appreciate the progress that you have made so far. We may not all be in the same boat, but we are all weathering the same storm. We can be that solitary lighthouse, standing strong, despite the waves that crash against it. We can tune into our inner guiding light and be a beacon of hope for others through these dark times. 

Once we emerge from our time of introspection, we will have achieved a renewed trust and faith in our own ability to persevere through tough challenges. We can move forward shifting from autopilot into living mindfully, consciously, and deliberately with a new life strategy to achieve our goals. The journey through the storm will be worth the celebration in the end. 

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