The Dawning of a New Day

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There is a major energy shift that is now occurring. I refer to this as “The dawning of a new day!” During this energetic upgrade, it’s important to trust where our hearts and intuition are taking us and to form healthy emotional and energetic boundaries as we prepare.

As we shift into this higher consciousness, we are being guided to become more aware of that which resonates with our soul and that which dampens and ‘depresses’ our spirit.  This is a time to let go of the fear-based consciousness that has been holding us back individually and collectively. We have had to surrender to the illusion of control and experience what we are truly feeling, sensing, and experiencing in our world.

This is a great time of transformation and change, of higher vibrational experiences where we will feel compelled to follow our truth. We will no longer be able to ‘settle’ and stay in unfulfilling jobs or relationships, but be on the hunt for things that enrich our lives. We will be more willing to take bigger risks as we chase our dreams. Why? because we are evolving! During these times of extremes, we will have a strong desire to discover and connect with our higher purpose. Over the coming months, as the energy builds momentum, it is a time of strange and intense dreams, heightened intuition, and old wounded aspects of ourselves rising to the surface to be healed. People that hinder our growth will fade out of our lives. It’s normal after growth to go through a series of dissociation of the old. This creates space for new amazing souls to enter our lives who are truly part of our new exciting journey ahead. It’s only through breaking free from the old ‘safety blanket’ and letting go of what’s familiar, can true growth and transformation occur.

As part of our spiritual ascension, some of us may feel as though we are in a pressure cooker of intense energy as our personal vibration is lifting to a higher, more refined level where self-awareness and self-worth can truly flourish.  Breathe. Remain open and flexible. Surrender the constant need for certainty. Things WILL fall into alignment effortlessly when we allow the restraints and limitations we place on life to be lifted. If you ride the wave of cosmic ascension you will be liberated as you release the old and ascend into a newly evolved consciousness and unlimited abundance.

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