How to Effectively Escape the Bitterness Trap

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As part of our human experience, we are all familiar with that gut-wrenching feeling of deep disappointment and being let down by others. We set ourselves up consciously and unconsciously with certain expectations, and when things don’t unfold as we had hoped, we can get knocked out of kilter for a while. We can go through many different feelings from being frustrated and upset to anger and resentment. The anger we feel ultimately comes from not having control over a given situation. After all, “expectations are a trap of the ego”. Once we work through our feelings and accept what has transpired, seeing it as an opportunity for growth, we can finally release the pent-up energy and feel at peace once more.  The Universe has a perfect track record and will always replace what we feel we ‘lost’ with something far better than we imagined. 

However, if the uncomfortable chaotic emotions are left unattended, some can become victims of their circumstances. They can even feel justified in holding onto the anger and resentment they are experiencing. They ‘feed’ on indignation.  Some go through life believing it is the gasoline that keeps them going!  However, ruminating on how they were wronged leads to feelings of self-destructive bitterness which can cast a dark veil over their lives. They become blame shifters allowing themselves to become blocked by their past and what has been done to them. Blaming others takes away their power and gives it to someone else. A negative cycle begins blocking all abundance, joy, and fulfillment, which feeds into their victim story. This negative mindset not only creates anxiety, stress, and loneliness but also affects their health.  So how can we escape this vicious cycle?

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The “escape” starts by releasing the victim mentality and healing the past, breaking free from the energetic cords of the people who have hurt us.  These energetic attachments are like an umbilical cord where emotional energy can be transferred between you and the other person.  So by forgiving them and the situation, you also release yourself from the vacuum of their karmic cycle. 

Practicing forgiveness is NOT condoning what has transpired or allowing the people who hurt us to get “away with” anything. It’s about setting ourselves free from the emotional entanglement of the event and no longer carrying the burden of it.  

We cannot change others but we can change our perception of our experiences. Taking ownership of our emotions and being accountable for the role we played, creates a pathway of immense growth and healing that sets us free.  Our soul deserves peace and we have the power to create a new chapter with a fresh perspective unhindered by the past. 

“Your day is designed in perfection, anything that goes against that perfection, is a trap…don’t fall for it!”  — Norwood Young

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