When Pursuing Positivity, Mindset and Heartset are Mandatory 

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By Debbie Creagh, International Psychic Medium & Healer

As the world transitions energetically, we are all becoming more conscious and mindful of our thought forms and behaviors, opting to focus more on the positive as we walk our paths of personal development and spiritual growth. This, of course, is a great and necessary shift in consciousness and part of the new energy we are all stepping into. As part of our ‘spiritual practice’, many of us are no longer tolerating or putting up with constant complaining, gossip, or other energy-draining behavior from others stuck in a victim role. Collectively, we are learning we can create boundaries and protect our energy to maximize our happiness and vitality. 

However, there are some misconceptions and assumptions about maintaining positive mindsets that must be addressed in order for this journey to be truly authentic and balanced. This is especially important, given the current climate of immense challenge and setbacks.

It is great to see things in a positive light and not to ‘indulge’ in negative thoughts. Did you know that a third of us judge ourselves for our negative emotions and try to push them aside? Emotional avoidance is not the answer. A balance needs to be maintained. Suppressing negative emotions with the expectation of all “‘love and light”’ is not a real human experience! 

Part of our growth on our soul journey is to recognize and honour both our negative and positive emotions, our shadow and our light. In fact, contrast plays a very important role in our experiences in life. Throughout life’s ups and downs, maintaining an open heart is essential.

Our heart is our ultimate healing centre, a warehouse where all our feelings are stored. It is where we sense all kinds of contrasting emotions, from love, joy, compassion, security, abundance, and peace to sadness, pain, heartache, and jealousy. Although we might try to ignore or suppress them, all are part of the unique human experience.

It’s through exploring these emotions that we learn about life and who we are.  In fact, the heart forms a bridge between our earthly experiences and our spiritual understanding. Emotions are our internal compass, our GPS, which guides us through our Earthly journey.

When we do not acknowledge our genuine emotions, we are more likely to steer off course and have an unrealistic perception of what is happening in our lives. We then lose our ability to communicate authentically with others, as we are not communicating authentically with ourselves. 

In these changing times, we are being called to practice self-compassion. This might be illustrated as a gentle approach and understanding of ourselves when we feel low or out of sync. We must muster the courage to accept the genuine emotions welling up inside of us. However difficult, we must be allowed to feel our “human-ness.” It is vital. If not, the pursuit of overwhelming positivity can lead to emotional avoidance. 

It may seem counterintuitive to honour pain and fear but if we don’t face it head-on, it will remain lurking in the shadows. “What we don’t change we actually chose!

When we understand that our emotions are a catalyst for healing and navigate through them in a detached manner, these negative emotions will eventually fade.  It is only when we confront our negative emotions that we begin to question our lives and arrive at the answers that assist us to move forward in a more purposeful and authentic way. “Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life”.

Ask yourself: “What is teaching me? What is the belief that’s behind this emotion? Is it time to let this go?” 

When you take the time to go within and listen, the veil then lifts, bringing clarity, comfort, and solution. Then you will come out the other side lighter, wiser, and a more authentic version of yourself while acknowledging that we are here as a soul to learn, to grow, and to expand our consciousness.  As part of self-mastery on our individual and collective journeys, we need not only to have the right mindset but to have the right “heart set” to live happy fulfilling meaningful lives!

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