An Energy Revolution for Our Evolution 

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With the changing energy of the planet that is occurring right now, we are entering a major point of transition, an opportunity to reset our hearts and minds. Our framework of understanding life and the meaning(s) we attributed to is collapsing.

Suddenly, there is an ending to the illusion of what we deemed important. The play of life is over, and the curtain has fallen. Now, we are standing in the dark and waiting for the lights to come on.

This period of time may incite feelings of uncertainty. However, we are now challenged to ask questions and reflect. Spirit is urging each and every one of us to release old negative limiting beliefs and commit to living a more authentic way of life. It is time to clean the lens through which we perceive life and finally gain clarity. 

This ushering in of new energy reminds us and allows us to re-examine our lives, digging deeper into what really matters at the core. We are being called to define what truly resonates with us and our authentic selves. No longer can we blindly follow career paths that are unfulfilling; no longer can we stay in relationships that are not being respected.

This period is a spiritual detox where the wounded parts of ourselves that were suppressed for years are finally surfacing. They are asking to be honored, healed and transmuted. Will you heed the call?

Collectively, we are replacing old, faulty foundations with new, stronger ones that will create a deeper and more profound understanding of who we are, and what our purpose is. As you practice mindfulness, authenticity, and self-love, remember that this time of rebirth will reward us with a new enhanced awareness a deeper sense of purpose. 

Love, Debbie Creagh

Commit to Your Healing

You aren't meant to feel sad, exhausted, depressed, disconnected, and anxious. The Universe is asking for you to *listen* to the messages around you to find alignment, healing, and wellness. Work with Debbie Creagh today to shift into more flow and begin living your best life.

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